STARC Minutes 7-16-2014

STARC of Serra


July 16, 2014 Meeting Minutes

9:30 – 10:30

Chula Vista’s Conference Call


Attendees: Joanna Axelrod, Frank Camacho, Phil Gunderson, Eileen Lawson, Jennifer Lawson, Jacqui Petri, Chris Pickavet, Jodie Sawina, Vy Tu


The Wednesday, April 23, 2014 meeting minutes were approved and the correct spelling of Phyllis’ name was noted.


Projects & Issues



Jennifer Lawson went to ALA.  No one else from our group attended.  She primarily went to Printz events but she did speak with Overdrive.   Overdrive added a feature that allows a customer to search for nearby libraries that have an eBook available when they do a Bing search for a title.


Jennifer Lawson went to ALA. No one else from our group attended. She primarily went to print events but she did speak with Overdrive.  When patrons do a regular search on Bing a pop will allow them to put in their zip code and Bing will tell them where the book is available.

Picture Books — improving the format to sell more

New places doing Summer Reading Apps

CLA ~ Natalie Cole is talking with Counting Opinions for a SRP product.


Serra Website

We want to create our own. The way to access the website needs to be as simple as possible. Jodie likes the wiki format. Joanna and Heather found the email with their recommendations for changes to the website if anyone is interested Joanna will send it to them.

We’d need: login requirements, contact info, password protection, archived minutes and the performer’s list.

Performer’s List ~ This list is very important! It was maintained and updated by the Youth Services Committee. Carlsbad was going to take it on with a generic email so that anyone could update the list. Did that ever happen? Youth Services wanted to improve the accuracy of that database. That is very time consuming.

If we take it on as a project maybe we could rotate it from one library to the next. It would be ideal if performers could update the database themselves. SCLC has the knowledge and willingness to keep that database.

Sam Liston is not here but he knows code and volunteered at the previous meeting to help build it. We can make a website happen — create a Performer’s List and include it in the Serra website.


SDLC and Serra have money left over and would like to contact Laurie Ayres, a consultant, to find out what we need to function more efficiently. She evaluated the technical reports for Chula Vista. She has helped with Open Source. How much money is left over? We used $70,000. to pay for the Zinio platform. There may be an additional $5,000. to pay Laurie for her consulting services. We can look into finding the exact amount.


ILS Adoption

Escondido recently moved from Sirsi Dynix to Innovative Interfaces Sierra Platform with Encore as the catalog. The transition was completed in approximately two and a half months. Escondido pushed their team of 4 to get trained, write their own training manuals and launch the new system. Joanna has learned much and is willing to help anyone else undergoing the switch to Sierra. She realized that Innovative is growing and expanding at a rapid pace which is spreading their customer service very thin. They learned the hard way that what Innovative said and what they did/offered were not always in alignment. Escondido has a long list of enhancement requests. They went live with an old system and now they are upgrading to a new system. Encore is built on the web catalog – they didn’t want the classic catalog but they had to play catch up and move everything over. They report, trouble shoot and customize their system. Joanna finds the various listservs very informative and useful.


Carlsbad is staying with SirsiDynix and recently upgraded to the Enterprise public interface.  Their team invested many hours to get the look they wanted. Purchase requests are still handled through a link to the older interface.  Some patrons who had the old catalog page bookmarked don’t notice that a new interface is available and continue to use the old one, although it doesn’t have the additional functionality of the new interface.


Frank is interested in comments, as they are getting ready to close a contract with Sirsi-Dynix. Carlsbad will work with Frank to get the final product they want. Sisri says they can customize to fit San Diego’s needs.


Frank and Phil will be contacting Joanna about the process of moving to a new ILS.


Open Source is an option but more of a challenge. Contract with consultants who work with Open Source or host it yourself and maintain your own website.


TitleSource 360

Jennifer at San Diego County wanted to switch which they did but had many problems that took a long time to correct. Lots of functionality didn’t move over. It is taking about the same amount of time to order. However, they are very satisfied with the move from TS 3 to TS 360.


Jennifer is willing to host a B&T TS 360 demo at the County headquarters. It will give us a chance to meet one another at a small gathering sponsored by B&T.



August 1 is tentatively set as the rollout date but that has not been confirmed. We should plan our own marketing and set our own dates.

Chula Vista plans to have a viewing station with a tablet or a Chrome book where staff will show patrons how to use Zinio. It will be available to view through the OPAC with a link.

Zinio works with Internet Explorer 8!


Can we add titles specific to each individual library? Jennifer asked a rep this question at ALA and was told we could. That option is available to each library but we do not have a process in place for those requests. Escondido would like to add Surfer and Saveur. Teen Vogue is also available and that would be a good title to include.


Jodie volunteered to be the administrator of the Zinio site. She will send out the newest list she has and consult Zinio about access to the most recently added titles. Everyone can forward the titles they want back to Jodie.


Jennifer mentioned some alternatives to keep in mind for the future: Magster from WT Cox offers 135 titles and no platform cost and EBSCO offers a product, too.




Escondido recently cancelled Dear Reader book alerts. Is there something anyone else recommends? San Diego County uses Book Letters which costs them $6,000.



Next meeting: Wednesday, October 15 22, 2014 at 9:30 — will most likely be a conference call meeting.