STARC Minutes 4-23-2014

STARC Of Serra Draft Minutes


Wednesday, April 23rd


Civic Center Branch, 365 F Street, Chula Vista

Attended: Betty Waznis, Phil Gunderson, Jacqui Petri, Phyillis Belter, Joanna Axelrod, Chris Pickavet, Sam Liston, Frank Camacho


Betty Waznis, Chula Vista Public Director and liaison from the Serra Executive Committee discussed the committee’s plan to subscribe to Zinio, an e-magazine platform, for 11 of the 13 Serra libraries. The platform would cost Serra $70,000 a year plus the cost of the magazine subscriptions. The subscription is where most of the money would be saved. It doesn’t matter how many libraries are in the consortia the magazine price/cost is the same. Betty created some pricing options for the Exec Committee to decide on May 29. If we are to move forward with this a contract needs to be signed before July.

Because of the high labor costs involved with paper magazine collections Chula Vista PL is planning on eliminating all except for most popular magazine titles and those not offered by Zinio.


STARC History

We learned from Chris that in the 1980’s Serra STARC was very strong and had more funding from the State. There were hosted workshops and vendor visits. One of their accomplishments was to successfully apply for a grant to establish DRA Find making it easier for patrons from different systems within Serra to checkout materials.


Between 2005 and 2008 STARC was not quite meeting quarterly and mostly for the purposes of sharing our technology triumphs and challenges.


And then, my records indicate that we have not met in the last 5 years.



Responsibility to Serra (clarify our mission)

It is with the encouragement and support of the Serra Exec Committee and in particular the chair the Heather Pizzuto that the STARC committee has been reborn. Our Executive Committee believes there is much we can contribute to the Serra mission. And here is the Serra mission statement from the website


Serra Cooperative Library System is a network of public, academic, and special libraries in the southern California counties of Imperial and San Diego. Our goal is to help member library agencies provide expanded resources and improved services at reduced costs through systematic interlibrary cooperation. We are a special district of the State of California, with funding primarily from the State, but augmented through member contributions and grants.


We discussed a couple of roles for STARC

  • Help spread the word and promote the services that will be offered.

Today Serra is under the umbrella of the Sothern California Library Cooperative or SCLC. Many of our co-workers are not aware that Serra still exists.


  • While acknowledging our limitations, use our expertise to benefit the system.

Our environment is completely different today than it was 30 or 40 years ago; we have much less money and time while the impact and significance of technology (our area of expertise) has exploded.


Meet quarterly, monthly or as needed

We agreed to quarterly meetings but with the caveat that we will meet more or less frequently as needed.

The next meeting will be July 16 at 9:30am


Rotate minute taking

We agreed to rotate minute taking alphabetically starting with Sawina.



E-media: Zinio, Ebooks, Enki, Axis 360

The Exec Committee has taken on Zinio and should make the final decision soon. We discussed title selection and the fact that there are almost no magazines for children. Most of us will also need to think about how this service will be offered in the library.


Website: What do we need one for? Are there other good examples out there?

The website as it is today is not up-to-date and none of us on this committee every found it useful. But if we can re-create it in response to expressed needs while limiting the re-posting of information that can easily be found elsewhere we could have something of value.

Joanna mentioned that the Childrens Committee forwarded recommendations/requests for information to be added to the website but no action was taken. She will try to track down the information she forwarded.

(After the meeting, Joanna checked with Dave Curtis. He doesn’t have it. She will continue to try and locate the info)

Jodie will find out where and how is hosted.


Fines and Fees page Jodie will follow up with the Exec Committee on the value of this page relative to the amount of time it would take to keep it up-to-date. Who uses or used this information? If we were to update and maintain it could we limit the number of fines and fees that are listed and compared? For example, do we need to compare what we charge to replace a barcode?


Serra Map Online

The Committee agreed that Google Maps is so easy to use that it fills the need for our online map.

Our attempt to provide the Serra Map online in addition to the world’s access to Google Maps not only created extra work it resulted in a map with out-of-date misinformation provided by the brand of Serra Library Cooperative.

We recommend discontinuing this effort. In the meantime we will update or remove this map if it is on our library’s website.


Consortia such as Link+ or Circuit

Jodie advocated for the possibility of connecting our libraries via Link+ or Circuit. It is a topic for the future. Serra may not have the money but the State Library might be a possible financial supporter.


ILS Adoptions

Escondido chose III’s Sierra as their new ILS. Joanna requested help finding tutorials and training documentation. Because they are moving from SirsiDynix to III Escondido does not have any experience with the III construct. III doesn’t have much documentation because most Sierra adopters are Millennium libraries already familiar with the construct.

Carlsbad put out an RFP for a new ILS the result was the decision to stay with SirsiDynix. And recently launched their new catalog.


Impact Survey

If you are not aware of the Impact Survey you should take a look. It’s a great way to evaluate how your existing patrons use your library’s technology and how that use is changing.

Escondido is planning to launch the survey in October and is currently looking at ways to incentivize taking the survey.

Chula Vista is also planning to offer the Impact Survey to library users but doesn’t have a date yet.


EDGE Initiative

The EDGE Initiative issues individualized reports based on a comprehensive survey submitted by the library about what services it offers. The report illustrates the many ways a library could expand its services to better meet the community’s needs.

I understood Coronado, Carlsbad and Chula Vista are participating. Are there other Serra libraries signed up?



CENIC What does this mean to us?

We are not sure what this means to us but it is on our radar and we will all look for ways it might benefit us.


Next Meeting is Virtual: July 16, 9:30-11am