STARC Minutes 4-15-2015

Serra STARC Committee Meeting

April 15, 2015


Attendees: Mary Abler, Eileen, Phil Gunderson, Jennifer Lawson, Sam Liston, Jodie Sawina, Vy Tu


Serra Website

Mary Abler, SCLC Project Manager, will join us to discuss the Serra Website

I believe she will send us notes from our conversation with her.

We recommended:

  • The old website with outdated info be removed and the new website be published with new or at least current info and markers indicating “Under Construction” where info has yet to be supplied. New limited information is better than outdated misinformation.
  • The calendar be limited to Serra Committee and Board Meetings or other events specific to Serra. An example of what not to include would be SRP dates which are frequently different for each system.
  • Fines and Fee table be redone to include only the more common fines and fees that would be comparable between the systems.
  • Fines and Fee table could be setup to send an alert to an assigned person from each system to update or reconfirm that data is correct.

Coronado will be participating in the State Library’s project to provide superfast broadband access to libraries. This is in part because Coronado has its own network infrastructure separate from other municipal facilities allowing it to meet the very tight deadlines for decisions about equipment, contracts, capacity and usage, etc.
Chula Vista is very interested and hopes to participate in the second round.


Digital Resource Updates


Circulation has been OK but not great. We were hoping to get to a circ per dollar.
*Jennifer Lawson will send the committee the statistics she gathered for Serra.
We are wondering how we will handle next year’s costs? Jodie will discuss with Betty Waznis. Will there be the same amount for next?

If we stay with Zinio could we purchase another $2,000 or $3,000 of the popular titles to see if we can improve the circulation?

Can we consider other options for the CLSA funding such as Overdrive magazines?

EBSCO’s Flipster was considered by Jennifer and she does not recommend it: Subscription costs(possibly to cover the platform) are very high and there is no consortium pricing.
Overdrive magazines sounds like a better option. The titles are slightly different but very mainstream and include WSJ and USAToday. Also, there are no subscription limits as there are will some Zinio titles.
*Jennifer will send us an evaluation of the Overdrive Magazine option.

Hoopla– is not being considered by anyone attending the meeting. Jennifer Lawson explained the structure for the when movies become available to stream. The result of the structure was a 4-5 year gap between the original release date and its availability on Hoopla.


Freegal-Carlsbad and Chula Vista are considering Freegal. We will each get an additional 15% off our already “discounted” offer. Jennifer suggested playing hardball can work well especially if they say they want to move into this market area.

Overdrive Audio- STARC will recommend audio for consortial purchases.


Other STARC issues- none