STARC Member Update After 11-19-2014

Memo to: STARC Members

From: Lori Ayre (The Galecia Group)

Re: 11/19 Phone call and follow-up


On 11/19, Lori Ayre, Galecia Group, and STARC members joined in a conference call to discuss where STARC is, what some of the critical needs of Serra members are, and to get a first take on how we can move some initiatives forward.


Participating in the call were the following:


  • Lori Ayre (Galecia Group)
  • Jodie Sawina (Chula Vista)
  • Jennifer Lawson (San Diego County)
  • Phil Gunderson (San Diego City)
  • Vy Tu (Coronado)
  • Sam Liston (Oceanside)
  • Jacqui Petri (Carlsbad)
  • Wayne Miller (Imperial County)
  • Joanna Axelrod (Escondido)


The Serra STARC Committee has been an active committee for decades but with funding challenges, it lost some momentum. The group recently rallied around the joint effort to purchase a Zinio subscription. Eleven of the thirteen member libraries are participating.


Very recently STARC has received the encouragement and support from the Serra Executive Committee to get active again because there are opportunities for STARC to contribute to the overall Serra mission, which is to expand resources and improve services among members. Recognizing that technology plays an increasingly important role in libraries, STARC must find a way to make efficient and effective use of all the resources currently available.


The following summary represents priorities identified by STARC members that have already been approved which they would like Executive Committee approval for pursuing.


  1. Update the website and undertake a proper website planning process to ensure the site addresses the needs (functionality, information) and limitations (time, budget) of the members (already approved by EC)
  2. Improve resource-sharing opportunities for all members
    1. Look into idea of an Opt-In shared ILS (integrated library system)
    2. Look into resource sharing opportunities like Link+ but that are more affordable and more user/staff friendly for all members
    3. Look into the delivery system – how to improve
  3. Help ensure that all Serra member libraries are CENIC-ready
  4. Look into the current mailing list software and get it is working properly (or suggest another product)


About the Website


The current website has some useful information and a lot of out-of-date information. It has been largely neglected for the last few years. In order to work together to find opportunities to leverage resources, there needs to be an effective way for members to communicate. An important first step to make that happen is to have a website that provides useful and accurate information about Serra (not just STARC).


STARC is willing to take the lead, on behalf of Serra, to work with Galecia to update the current website. Following the “quick-n-dirty” update, Galecia and STARC will work together to undertake a more thorough needs assessment phase so that more stakeholders can be involved in the development of the new Serra website.


The Galecia Group proposes to work with a subset of the STARC committee to accomplish the following tasks ASAP:


  1. Set up a staging area for building a new website (Galecia has already set up
  2. Develop preliminary site navigation plan (STARC + Galecia)
  3. Identify content on existing site to transfer to new site (STARC + Galecia)
  4. Identify new content that is a high priority and provide placeholders (if not content)
    1. Performer info (like Big Box)
    2. Grant info
    3. Training info
    4. Member profiles (e.g. contacts, fines & fees, info TBD)
  5. Select Drupal theme for design (STARC + Galecia)
  6. Take new temporary site live to replace out-of-date existing site while archiving all old content. Same URL will be used for new site.


The primary contact at Galecia for this project will be Jim Craner, This project has already been approved by the Executive Committee so we’d like to ask that anyone interested in working on this project please contact Jim directly before Friday, December 5, 2014 so we can get started in early December.


About Resource-Sharing


Some of the smallest Serra members have no ILS at all. Others have an ILS but it is challenging for them to afford/support it. These libraries may be interested in sharing an ILS that is provided through their Serra membership. The idea would be to make it an opt-in and not something required to be a Serra membership. The shared ILS would not only save some of the members a considerable sum of money, it will also open up easy opportunities for resource-sharing (with members on the same ILS, and also potentially with other libraries using something like Link+).


Link+ is used by several members to access a shared union catalog containing information about several different ILSs. It works great for members using Innovative Interfaces products since it is an Innovative product. But it doesn’t work nearly as well for those NOT on an Innovative product (Millennium, Sierra, and eventually Polaris). Regardless of how well it works, it is extremely expensive. For these reasons (especially the cost), there is an interest in looking into alternative ways to provide resource-sharing of library material among Serra members (and possibly beyond…e.g. SCLC and 49-99?)


STARC members would like to learn more about the options for sharing an ILS and the options for doing resource-sharing differently. STARC recommends a Task Force be setup to look into this further with the assistance of The Galecia Group.





There is a lot of talk about CENIC. We know it is a service the State Library has funded and we know that it will make it possible to bring much more bandwidth to libraries. But very few people know what, if anything, libraries should to be doing to get ready to join CENIC.


STARC recommends that a Task Force be setup to look into this further with the assistance of The Galecia Group.


About Mailing Lists

The current listserv product being used for Serra seems to have some size limits and configuration errors. Sometimes the people being CC’d on a message is hidden and there are problems for people who use multiple emails in their organization.


The Galecia Group (Jim Craner) will be looking into this ASAP. We will keep you posted!